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ufo sightings daily ufo crashes 12 - date of ufo crash march 1969 location of ufo crash yekaterinburg ussr this is the secret kgb ufo files the russian crash of 1969 its real 100 and i can find no flaws in it, the ufo phenomenon real ufos - view important evidence for real ufos from around the world find news quotes famous cases video sightings images and more, unidentified flying object wikipedia - an unidentified flying object ufo is an object observed in the sky that is not readily identified most ufos are later identified as conventional objects or phenomena the term is widely used for claimed observations of extraterrestrial spacecraft, kenneth arnold ufo sighting wikipedia - the kenneth arnold ufo sighting occurred on june 24 1947 when private pilot kenneth arnold claimed that he saw a string of nine shiny unidentified flying objects flying past mount rainier at speeds that arnold estimated at a minimum of 1 200 miles an hour 1 932 km hr this was the first post war sighting in the united states that garnered nationwide news coverage and is credited with, amazon com real life x files investigating the - fulfillment by amazon fba is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in amazon s fulfillment centers and we directly pack ship and provide customer service for these products, details on ufo sighting revealed in a military report - there are dozens of ufo sightings these days and they have been for a while in december however the new york times released investigation results on us military s monitoring of ufo claims that came up something entirely wild, top worldwide 18 mass ufo sightings educating humanity - it s one thing for skeptics to dismiss a sighting of a ufo by a single individual who might be mistaken delusional or simply a teller of tall tales it s more difficult however to disregard sightings in public places and a large number of witnesses here are 17 of the most prominent, hangar 1 the ufo files amazon com - h2 brings you hangar 1 the ufo files for the first time all of its files have been assembled in an abandoned location in ohio called hangar 1 mufon is giving h2 complete access to hangar 1 its case files as well as every piece of physical evidence they have collected, the famous article of life magazine 7 april 1952 there - have we visitors from space by h b darrach jr and robert ginna the air force is now ready to concede that many saucer and fireball sightings still defy explanation here life offers some scientific evidence that there is a real case for interplanetary saucers, ufo disclosure by john colaw - great ufo links bob pratt serious ufo journalist for the enquirer lots of great reports photos and compelling testimony many from south america and quite scary project 1947 by jan aldrich is a world wide effort to document the origins of the modern ufo phenomenon we are expecting a position paper from mr aldrich soon, latest ufo news and sighting reports hyper net - best ufo resources home summary technical overview occupants video documentaries video footage docs portals organizations resources physics, best ufo documentaries all full version educating humanity - oz encounters ufos in australia full version oz encounters is the remarkable eye popping one hour documentary that features extraordinary ufo sightings and encounters, ufo technical overview ufo shapes types colors - the zdany poland 8 jan 2006 ufo photos an example of walnut shaped ufo i e flattened sphere with ring at the equator reportedly the object immobilized two cars and was moving extremely swiftly and without noise a series of photographs taken read more abour the zdany ufo photos and story at ufoinfo and ufoevidence some of the best recent ufo photos, roswell ufo crash of july 1947 nazi ufos operation - 1 the facts 2 operation paperclip nazi ufos 3 the bodies 4 the memory metal site updated july 5 6 2010 to reflect the newest information as first presented to audiences in july 2010